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The Pink Hoose Journal



Claire has mentored a bunch of budding and brilliant Inventors and Entrepreneurs over the last 10 years. She has helped people in business and personally and has wanted to write a self-help journals to pass on some knowledge. Claire really is a font of all knowledge and passionate about sharing what she have done right and wrong to prevent you making the same mistakes she made.

The Journals are by no means everything you need to know, as everybody's journeys are different, however they are a really good start and will make you think of things that you hadn't even thought about. Start with the Business Idea Journal, followed on by the Business Rollercoaster Journal, then the Change Journal is for anyone wanting to make and document a change over 56 days, whether that be something at work, for the business or personally for you. Claire is currently making three big changes, two are personal and one is in this business. If Claire can do it, you can do it too!


When you buy a journal (which are exclusively available through Amazon), you can join the new The Pink House Community on Facebook, which will link you with Claire, so you can ask her anything and with other like minded individuals. Starting a business, developing a product, making a change are all huge learning curves, why not learn with Claire by your side.


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